Monday, May 28, 2012

32 Years of Joy Division...

I kinda forgot to make a post about it...10 days ago was the 32nd anniversary of the great Ian Curtis' passing. God rest his soul. I think our good friend Darkman said it best:

"When May 18th rolls around every year, it’s impossible not to think about how tragic this day is in Joy Division’s short but brilliant history. Few others have achieved as much in such a short amount of time. Today thousands of Joy Division fans will take to their blogs, Twitter, and Facebook accounts, and post personalized massages honoring Ian."

To honor Ian's memory, my good friend FageOner posted a version the legendary Paradiso, Amsterdam 1-11-1980 gig onto his website.

This version is his remaster of the VARA Radio Station Soundboard Recording of the gig, otherwise known as the single best quality Joy Division gig recording of all time. Seriously, you won't find a better quality JD gig anywhere. It is a straight up 10/10! Once again, Darkman said it best:

"...Fage wanted to do something special today for all the fans who follow his blog, to make sure he did his part in celebrating Ian’s memory. A few years ago, some fans were able to get copies of Joy Division’s performance at the Paradiso directly from the Dutch Radio. I was able to get a copy (all those years ago), and provided it for this post. As the Analog Loyalist pointed out in the Joy Division Recycle, this is the finest live JD recording when it comes to sonics. Fage has put a lot of hard work in mastering the raw radio station recording, and the result is staggering.

Interestingly, there was about 35 people at the gig. The performance was also broken up into 2 sets. As Joy Division unleashed their fury on the Dutch fans, the concert was recorded by Omroepvereniging VARA for broadcast on Dutch public radio.

R.I.P Ian Curtis……don’t walk away, in silence….."

So, there you have it. All of guys, please enjoy. : )

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